I Am Attracted To Black Women

I never understood why. I just don't understand how some individuals think it is wrong. What's wrong with loving a women who is just a different skin tone than me? My father is an old-fashioned guy and would prefer me to date any girl that isn't a black girl. If my dad loves me, he should want me to be happy. A black women is more humble and more confident of herself than a white women.I just feel a stronger connection with a black women :) I'm not ashamed of it and other people like me shouldn't be either.
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Nothing. They're idiots!

At the end of the day, you are the one that has to love with the decision you make not them.

amen brother

He will get over it. My mom is white and my dad is black. Nationality wise. My grandfather was a racist. When my parents got married my mom was banished, basically. When my grandfather caught a stroke there was no one to take care of him except my mom. He had to live with my folks.When my mom went to work my dad took over. When my mom was tired and it was his day off, my dad took over. When she needed someone to lift him on the bed. my dad took over. My grandfather lost his speech no one could understand what he was saying but I knew he got over it though because one day my dad was putting my grandfather in the wheelchair, he started crying and gave my dad a hug. In appreciation. He got over it.
It was weird though he loved his grandchildren but not my dad. I guess my dad was too dark for my grandpa. My parents has been married for 25years and knew each other for 30. The point is, if you love her dont let anyone or anything get in the way of you loving her. Love has no color. Love is a feeling

Your story has made me so much more inspired!! :)

You're welcome. lol :)

is she gorgeous? my family would prefer white but I know they would make an exception for someone gorgeous.

Yes she's very gorgeous!! I don't think I've shown my dad any pictures of her but she is beautiful! But the color of her skin is what bothers him no matter what. But, I don;t care because I'm an adult and the heart wants what it wants

I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. I date outside my race and my family doesn't care just as long as I'm happy.

It's horrible :/ You are so lucky Looking26, I really wish I was in your shoes lol. I hate having an "old-fashioned" father. I mean I'm sure one day he would get over it but this is 2013, not 1963.

Anyone advising you not to date a woman because of her race is probably full of ____. My Mom never approved of it, but my Dad made-up for that by telling me, "Whatever makes you happy, son."

Hopefully he gets over it soon. Your happiness is what matters the most! Some people tend to put other peoples feelings first instead of their own and they could be missing out on such thing as love because they want to make someone else happy.