For You Dear Master

This overwhelming love I feel
I ask myself,can this be real?
Consumes my mind,consumes my heart
From Him I never wish to part

He touches me,I gasp for breath
I feel that there is nothing left
My love ,it is all spent on Him
His Love controls me,pulls me in

I taste Him,How I've longed for this
wondered if I'd ever feel such bliss
My lust for Him ,it rises still
Of Him, I'll Never get my fill .... In 4 days I shall truely experience this, I have about 20 emotions right now, I'm not nieve, Im excited, I'm scared, but I have to know
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Beautiful!! ;~}

This is so nice to read....beautiful... :)

very nicely done . . . thank you for sharing . . . seems we have much in common my friend . . . 8D

I hear ya . . . I just wrote a piece myself . . . same subject . . . must be something in the air . . . lol . . .