As you grab me by my hair,

and drag me to the bed.

As I sit there shivering…

you kiss me on the head.


Look through me with those loving eyes,

and never let me know.

The weaknesses your carrying,

deliver me no blow.


Your fingers roam around my neck,

tugging at my collar.

Reminding me that I am yours,

and nevermore a scholar.


Waiting for your judgment…

I lie with all limbs tied.

As you think out my punishment,

no mercy as I cry.


When the whip bears down,

I thank you for its presence.

Force me to respect…

the power of your lessons.


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5 Responses Dec 12, 2012

A wonderful poem!

WOW . . . very powerful . . . a gripping and enjoyable read . . . I could really feel the dominance . . . thank you for sharing this sweetie . . . 8D

INDEED . . . that's what's so cool about . . . point delivered without alot of words . . . impressive . . . I love that . . . 8D

Nice..I like this:)


Wow... This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing it!