A Weekend With Nearly Immobile Woman

Good Day, This is jorourke.
I had an experience with a woman who weighed well over 600 pounds. We communicated by phone and email and her email handle was Cuddly Kay. We met near the Philadelphia railroad station for a weekend of sensual fun and erotic experiences. We made a reservation at the Doubletree hotel not from the main railroad station. I took a cab to the hotel and met her in the lobby. We registered and went to the room where we both unpacked. There was a hotel in room bar and we availed ourselves of the contents. We didn't even order but I went down and ordered 2 twelve packs of a good domestic beer. In essence, we drank dinner.
I put matress pads on the bed and we crawled into bed under the sheets. I fondled her massive shelves of fat and sensual flesh. We continued to talk mostly general conversation and I did mention that I loved very large and nearly immobile women.
By this time we had changed in to pajamas anbd I suggested an erotic and kinky activity. We then began to pee in bed from all the drinking that we did. This lasted virtually the entire night with interruptions for some snooz time. The next morning, we awoke, had some coffee while still in our soaked pajamas. We showered, then packed our pajamas into a plastic bag dressed and went to breakfast. This was to be an entire weekend so I'll end this here and continue in another post. Thank you.
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