I Want Fat Girls To Let Their Jiggly Bellies Hang Out In Public!

It is not fair: Why are skinny girls allowed to wear belly-tops(althogh they don't even have a belly) and fat girls have to hide their wonderful hanging, jiggling stomaches when they go out?
I only had the chance to see it a few times: Fat girls' belly hanging out under her shirt swinging free for all to see. Most of the time this happens by accident cause the tight shirts roll up the belly and expose the flab. And most of the time the girl then tries to quickly cover the belly so nobody sees her fat. That's sad.

I want to see more naked fat bellies in public. I want fashion designers to create belly-tops for fat girls that emphasize the beauty of a hanging belly.. And I want the fat girls to be proud of their hanging flab.

So come on, fat girls: Have the guts and flaunt your guts!
koudelka koudelka
26-30, M
5 Responses Sep 6, 2012

So long as she can walk on her own, the rounder the better.

I'm fat, my weight is 145 kg.
In summer beachcombing shirtless, and I am happy to show my body.
I do not hide my belly, everyone can see it!
I like to watch fat girls showing their body! but most are hidden by "shame", and they do not know that there are men like me who love to see them...



This is a wonderful idea! Reminds me of the time I ran into an ssbbw woman with a small shirt. Her belly was hanging out 3-4 inches and the sun was reflecting off it! It was a sight from heaven. And she was proud of it because she didn't even try to cover it up!