My fascination with obese girls

Since I can remember I always was attracted to fat girls. I never found skinny girls interesting in any way. For me a girl was only interesting, when she called a fat hanging belly, a wide jiggling ***, huge thighs, wobbling arms and a double chin her own.
And it doesn't stop there. I guess when it comes to size and weight, there is no upper limit for me. Girls may have bellies so fat, that they hang down to their feet. Butts so wide, they don't fit through doors. Legs so blubbery and folded, that walking becomes a challenge. Arms so flabby, that the upper arms hang to the hips. Faces to fat, that the double chin hides the neck and rolls onto the chest. Girls so obese, that they are totally immobilized by their blubber.

I don't know exactly what it is, that makes obese girls so attractive to me. I love their forms, their curves, the way their blubber folds and hangs on their bodies. 
I also love the way they move, the heavy waddle, the fat jiggling with every movement.
Or maybe it is the attitude that large girls beam with. A calm and luxurios lifestyle, joy, serenity and pleasure.

I don't know what it is. All I know is, that I love fat girls and that they never can be too fat.
koudelka koudelka
26-30, M
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I know, I feel the same way. My wife went from being 245 pounds when we got together16 years ago to just over 300 pounds this spring and she's only 5'0" tall. I find her enormous belly, big boobs, and huge thighs very attractive.

This resonates with me. :-)

Poetic, Well done

Very beautiful and descriptive piece

Fat girls are disgusting

No, just telling the truth

No, you\'re telling your opinion and that\'s by no means the same as being the truth. It\'s what a majority of people have agreed to mean, but if it only counts as \"truth\" what the majority means, then you should start to eat **** now. Flies love that stuff and there are way more flies in this world than there are humans. That doesn\'t mean, though, that **** is delicious to EVERY existing being. Accept that there exist people that think differently from what you do yourself.

To true. Same here.

Agreed sir

what a guy!!! :)

Hear, hear!