Big And Oh So Beautiful

Well, where to start? I suppose I'll tell of how I am attracted to not only gaining and large women, but fat obese women as well. I love the thought of their massive belly hanging to their knees. I also love imagining their larger than life thighs; so big that its difficult for them to walk. I fantasize about having a woman that wants, more than anything, to be fed into immobility. My favorite vision of a ffuture feedee would be how they stuff theor face with anything and everything until it hurts. I would spoil them and make them my own fat queen. Everyday that I walked into her room I would see only her massive belly and her fat sexy feet. If I looked up I would see her feeding tube running down to her mouth making her ever ffatter. She would beg me to feed her and beg me to play with her jiggling fat and I would succumb to her every wish. As you can see I love all mannor of fat. Gainer, feedee, bbw, ssbbw, teen feedee, feeder, encourager, force feeding, tube feeding, machine feeding (i'll explain that later) and obese and immobile. Why you ask? No clue, but I love it and this is the way I'm staying. I'm staying in love with the big and oh so beautiful.
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Good choice!

Thank you. :D

You're quite welcome! How would your ideal woman look? act?

Well my fantasy is always centered around helping her gain to immobility because she wants it just as much as I. So she would love gaining and eating. She would be excited by each pound and she would love her her body as much as I did. I would really hope she had a nice big round hanging belly. I do love double bellies but id rather hers be round. To each is own. So it goes. My favorite vision is seeing my ideal woman on the bed in our bedroom and seeing her fat spill over the sides. From the foot Of the bed I would only be able to see her feet and huge calves (cause I'm also a leg man) and her belly dwarfing everything would sit there, a huge mountain of fat and jiggle and shake when she moves or I moved it (; my ideal woman...if only.

Now that's one lovely vision! The best of luck to you in finding that amazing woman!

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Haha to each is own :D