How many white men are attracted to plus sized black girls. I know there are a few but as one, I'm just curious.
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10 Responses Dec 2, 2012

There ara more much/far more than you think. I'm one! White/Black/Blue/Green/Orange whatever HELLO !!! It's big , it's biger , IT'"S SUPERBIGGG , so nice , soft , round , curvy , beautiful lady. It's -SUPERLADY- Fat girls / ladys / women (w,b,b,g,o,whatever) are so very sociable and absolutely beautiful and different. Never ever look at (skin)colour but look at all that ?? to play with, you can spend hours and hours and not get enough of it. I like all "SUPERLADY'S" From Holland be happy.

What about us Mixed girls??

deffo a big love for bbw ladies and even more so if they are darker skined always very yummy ladies

I would love to have sex with a thick and curvy black woman. I think about it all the time.

I am! I am really turned on by bigger girls.. Love a big ***, thick thighs, heavy **** and belly rolls. I have had the thrill of a black BBW on a number of occasions... There was one young lady in her 20's that I could not get enough of.. She had never had someone go down on her for as long or as passionately and I got to give her her first multiple.
There is another beautiful black babe that I visit (really she visits me in my hotel) in Greensboro when I go there for work. She is my age? Beautiful eyes and lips.. Bare black ***** with a BIG **** that I love to suck and lick.. I can't keep my hands off her thick flesh.. And we usually spend two or three hours tangled together and when we finish wonder how people our age can **** like that.
I always tell her that SHE is the reason and the inspiration for me to do her the way I do.
BBW's rock

not all women are Island Kandi, which is the sweetest f all.

i like beautiful.. Which comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors..

a lot of white guys love bbw black females as iam sure you will have guessed by all the responses and iam one of them love a black girl with curves

Curves are universal...love all women with curves!

<p>I am white, and I'm attracted to plus sized women, but their color doesn't matter to me. Like you, I suspect, I see far more couples made up of plus sized white women and black men, then I see with plus sized black women and white men. I've wondered why that is--why the second pairing is so uncommon.</P>

Do you think it is more about white guys not being interested in black women for some reason, or is it that black women are not interested in white men