So Glad Some Men Feel This Way

I am not exactly attracted to fat girls but I am one. I used to try & keep my weight down but I struggled with this. I don't bother any more and have put on 200 lbs in the last five years & the bigger I get the more male attention I get.. Thanks all fatty lovers.
Bigobesegirl Bigobesegirl
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Hi there. Haven't been on this site for a whileml. Glad to hear from you and happy you enjoy your weight. You're the way women are supposed to be.

Hello may big beautiful lady. Long time, but here i am for you sweetie, i hope you are still very happy and proud of yourself with all your nice round fat curves. You are very beautiful. BE HAPPY mi darling. I am with you all time.

Hi again "Bigobesegirl" Your message is very clear for us all fatty lovers. (be happy) You are to nice for words only. So nice / so good / so soft soo! beautiful.

wow! the bigger you get the nicer you get. wish there were more like you!

Keep eating, gaining and getting sexier! Love your avatar and hope you post some more pics!

I am sure you do. A large sexy woman in definitely one of life's greatest guilty pleasures :D

add me please

No, thank you for being very fat and sexy!

Ha ha thnx :-)

please add me

Add me please

I have always been a fatty chaser (no offense meant). My second wife was in the 265 to 280 pound range. My gf now is right at 330 pounds. Just LUV the way a really big woman jiggles and all those extra curves. Holding a big belly out of the way when giving a BBW oral is a super turn on for me. I don't look twice at anorexic barbie types.

I would love to see you out and about!!!!!!

You're welcome, cutie!

You are twice as sexy and attractive because you are big and round and also because of your confidence in yourself. I like how you think and wright. Good luck on your next wiegh in.

I have always tried to make friends with fat girls all my life. But not many very fat girls liked me, well not many girls liked me for a fact. Never mind that, I still love big girls, and I love big girls and always will.

You're only too welcome.
There's nothing quite as lovely as a big soft fat girl.

Beeing fat does not necessarly make a girl sexy. But if she is it certainly add to her sexyness.

more you becoming bigger, more you have man attention, more you becoming beautiful, sensual and sexy for many men :)

Great :D

Thank you

You bet sweetie. You could never get too fat for me.

I'm glad to hear it 539 when I got weighed the other day .. I plan on getting weighed again next week so we will see if I've gained/ lost or maintained.

600 lbs now?