Budweiser Girl Vs Big Girl

A while back, I met a really hot chick at a fashion show we were both modelling at. She was a traditional beauty, 5'9", size 2, gorgeous curly blond hard, etc. She was hot enough that soon after this story, she got a job as a Budweiser girl touring around the racing circuit.

Anyway, we went to a house party, and soon ended up in a bedroom. What a disappointment, it was like f***ing a per-warmed blow-up doll. The s** was so uninspiring that I ended up faking an org**m (yeah, guys can do that too) after she got off and going back to the party to drink.

I was just hanging out in the pool, feeling irritated when this fat chick jumped in doused me. She was having a blast, and the fun was infectious. We quickly had each other soaked and ******** and thoroughly turned on. We ended up f***ing there in the pool in front of everyone, then on to the hot tub, the kitchen and the bedroom with the my passed out model friend.

I stayed friends with both of them afterwards, but was strictly platonic with the model. The big girl, on the other hand... We would get together whenever we could for multiday marathons. Awesome.

Moral of the story: plump little girls are often far hotter than models!
LordCuntMaster LordCuntMaster
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I'm heading on a business trip in a couple weeks, and I have 2 of em schedule that I've been talking to. I've found the same thing...they are a blast in the bedroom. You get em worked up, and they will do whatever freaky **** you want them to do...either to you, or let you do it to them. I told both of them I expect them to work my a**hole nice and long, and they both eagerly agreed. I was trying to see which one was the freakiest, and then spend all my time with her, but I've now decided to do em both. I may even suggest a 3some!

Hell yes, I will take the fat chick anyday.