Watching Bi-**** With Wife For The 1st Time.

So the other week my wife and I decided to watch Bi-**** for the 1st time. I was so excited about it because it was the 1st time that i got to show her why i like it so much. Anyways we brought the Computer up to our bedroom and i got searching away on bi ****. We went on one site and watch a video and to be honest i was not really into it, So i went to another site, loked at what they had and there was one **** that looked good, I clicked on it and we started watching it. WOW what a good 23 min clip. We saw things that made me thing deeper into having a 3some with another guy and my wife. There was apart where the guy was ******* the girls ***** (guy on bottom and girl riding) and the other guy was inbetween holding the guys ****. as the guy was fuckung her the other guy would pull the the guy **** out and suck on it, place back into her *****, pull him back out and suck his **** to taste her warm ***** juice. I looked at my wife and told her that I think i would be able to let a guy **** her and suck him off because my wife taste so good. Needless to say my wife and I did not make it throught the whole seen because we had our own wild sex. me eating her, her sucking me, than ******* her so hard till we both came together hold eachother nice and tight
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May 8, 2012