Oh Girls!

I have recently realized that I have been attracted to girls for as long as I can remeber! I am scared to admit it though because I have just accepted it. But I love everything about girls! If you like girls as much as I do add me!!
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4 Responses Apr 3, 2012

hi there. we think alike :D well i'm a lebian for 4 years already. i think i'm still new though -.- i'll add you !

I LOVE GIRLSS lol.... id travel miles for them and cater to them damn there priceless!

Lady,you are the first person I am addressing since I joined EP 10 minutes ago. I read what you wrote.I have no reservations to what you revealed.As a man,I too love women,because they are adorable.Despite the fact that my taste is(slightly)different from that of yours,I'd like you to be the first person to befriend.If you have the heart of a lion(ess),you wont turn down my request.

I like also girls.. =)

yea i think everybody likes girls. sexually or otherwise. we're just simply awesome and we dont even have to try :D

that's cool .girls are hot.don't need to do anything just to have attention.