Do You Feel It?

Geez. I don't know when it starts all I know is, I'm attracted to girls. This sucks you know! HAHA. It's just like wanting someone to be with you everyday even you know that it will never happen. I met this new friend and we have similarities and that's makes our conversation takes too long about 5-6 hours non stop texting and calling. I enjoyed every conversation we had I'm happy having her in my side even we're just like a new pump out mushroom that become so close in the shorter time I couldn't imagine then we decided to have a date. Oh.. It's not a date that your thinking. It's a friendly date.. No malice. Promise! ;) We talk about anything, out of the world topics or even out of the blue just not to end the conversation we had. It's funny. I don't know. I'm confused... I know she's my friend and I love to remain just like that but after the date she act strange she start ignoring me, i don't remember any bad thing i've done during our date and i sealed my identity during that time. I'm sad because she didn't answer my text and call and even my emails. i got irritated but why? Geez. here we go again. . . why is that everything that I want to remain the same happen to change as fast as a bullet train? I don't get her. Yeah. I know people do change but why she's ignoring me like this? I'm affected because i'm her friend and we're close. . . Did I . . . Or Or Am I attracted to her? Oh No. Boom! It can't be. I know my feeling and i don't think that I like her to be my someone ---- I mean my girlfriend.I don't like her to be my girlfriend and I don't have anyone. I'm single but deeply in loved to my former close friend that decided to left me hanging. Oh. gosh! yeah! she's so. . *sighs* Oh girls. . you really made this pretty face look like a damn moron. Anyway, I can't dictate my heart. back to my story, did my new friend feel something about me? I mean my sexual preference?. . . I didn't tell to her because it was a huge secret. But Did she feels it? I don't like her, Oh. I like her but only just friends its makes me sad that she start ignoring me and again it bad vibes! hate it.
Talalaila Talalaila
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 23, 2012

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I agree with Starz93

hey could someone please help with mine, it's a little long but i really need help with it :p so if you help me then i shall help you, if you need help with anything :)

How did the date end ?Were you both happy and it was a good ending?

I think we both happy. :)))))) Yes! Right, were happy. ;)

maybe she felt something diff. from you.<br />
maybe without you noticing letting yourself revealed <br />
because your with her. well you know its okay, for sure you'll<br />
find someone much better from her, but I know also the feeling <br />
of wanting someone that's not for you . I don't know, maybe in<br />
god's time you'll moved on.

Maybe you are right anyway now I'm okay. I guess, more better. Our closeness didn't back but she remain as a friend. Maybe, Im just confused that time but now I know I saw her as a friend, only a friend. THANK YOU SO MUCH Wisheart. Nice comment! :*