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I Love Girls ...

Hi Im just new here. I like to have more  friends here =)

We'll I felt of being liking  girls when I was on 2nd yr. high school.
I'ved noticed that im more attracted to girls than boys, I don't know
I admired boys but my attentions were always to those pretty girls
in school. I love to stare and just imagining to have a girlfriend or what.
My friends are also like me . We are happy every time that we get to
see each others and talking about pretty girls that we've friends and talked.

Now Im 22 and still like girls. And I joined this site because I know
that everybody here will understand & accept me .. for who I'am

Hoping to have more girl . .; . friends here ..(kinding aside)
Im hoping to have mo friends here . 

Thank you for spending time reading my story =)
wisheart wisheart 22-25, F 5 Responses May 7, 2012

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well,we can be friends... :) im also new here and same as yours,wanting to have more bi girls...

hehe ... me also drop me message if its okay w/u Im happy to be your friend. =)

i'm happy for you to realize that you like women at your young age! so many women wait to express their desires and miss out on so many opportunities! enjoy who you are!

Thank you sir .. =)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that hun. Looking and dreaming about women/girls is a good thing .... now take it to the next step and get yourself a girl friend and that way you can have yourself a nice vagina to taste and be tasted.

OHH !! nice comment. thank you :)

If you look down at your right bottom corner you will see the chat button ..... lets chat.

wow ... thank you my dear ... =)<br />
how are you?

That is so cool and thats good you have friends that are like you and i will be your friend!! :)

thank you .. Im happy to be your friend too..


yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! a new friend