I Love Girls ...

Hi Im just new here. I like to have more  friends here =)

We'll I felt of being liking  girls when I was on 2nd yr. high school.
I'ved noticed that im more attracted to girls than boys, I don't know
I admired boys but my attentions were always to those pretty girls
in school. I love to stare and just imagining to have a girlfriend or what.
My friends are also like me . We are happy every time that we get to
see each others and talking about pretty girls that we've friends and talked.

Now Im 22 and still like girls. And I joined this site because I know
that everybody here will understand & accept me .. for who I'am

Hoping to have more girl . .; . friends here ..(kinding aside)
Im hoping to have mo friends here . 

Thank you for spending time reading my story =)
wisheart wisheart
22-25, F
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Me to

Me to

well,we can be friends... :) im also new here and same as yours,wanting to have more bi girls...

hehe ... me also drop me message if its okay w/u Im happy to be your friend. =)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that hun. Looking and dreaming about women/girls is a good thing .... now take it to the next step and get yourself a girl friend and that way you can have yourself a nice vagina to taste and be tasted.

OHH !! nice comment. thank you :)

If you look down at your right bottom corner you will see the chat button ..... lets chat.

wow ... thank you my dear ... =)<br />
how are you?

That is so cool and thats good you have friends that are like you and i will be your friend!! :)

thank you .. Im happy to be your friend too..


yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! a new friend