My First Attraction

I remember the first timeI was attracted to girls. It wasn't years ago, only four months have passed since that day.
I think back...before our beautiful encounter.
I've never been with another woman in a relationship,sexual or otherwise and lately I've noticed women looking and smiling at me when I'm shopping. Sure, I like to tease men, and I'm into erotic love making.
But deep within me I felt the curiousity, the desire building each day. What would it be like to be with a woman?
Then I saw her in the grocery store last week. I found myself staring at her, looking her over. She was taller than I, slender, long auburn hair and her hands were so beautiful, long,strong fingers. She wore slacks, a pull over blouse, and beautiful, uplifted breasts, slightly larger than mine. I couldn't help but stare at her and don't understand why I did. She was attractive, no, actually beautiful, but I am neither. I'm just plain me.
She moved so gracefully across the store, and suddenly she looked at me and smiled I swallowed several times, gathered the last few things I needed, hurried through the checkout and went to my car. I was perspiring, my blouse was damp and Lord, my panties beneath my jeans were wet with my love juices. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and I began to fantasize...
I saw her and I together, laying beside each other, naked, The french doors were open and a light sea breeze drifted into the room. We were so close...her long fingers caressing my small, extended throat, my hand in her wetness, her long legs wrapping around my body, She moved closer leaning over then touching my small breasts, her lips licking and sucking on my hard nipples. She slowly climbed on top of me, straddling me just below my breasts. She circled my throat with her left hand, her long strong fingers gently tightening then loosening her grip on my throat. With her other hand she reach back and massaged my wet womanhood. I was exploding over and over again, ****** after ******, then suddenly she released my throat and moved higher on my body, my face, my lips were in her beautiful, wet mound, licking her, swallowing every drop of her juices, she, moaning above me. I wanted more of her and my tongue probed deep inside her...
The sound of someone rapping on my driver side window jolted me back to reality. I sat up straight in the seat. A carry out boy was staring at me. "Are you O.K .lady?" He asked. "Yeah, I just dozed off for a minute" I answered. He turned and walked away with his collection of carts back to the store.
I started my car and slowly headed for a lonely home, taking my secret with me.
Later I found fantasies do come true.
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

My view on lesbians from a gay male who simply cant see or feel it as it is well boring compared to men. Rant: Actually men are way sexier than any woman. Hence why there are many more gay guys than gay women. To me woman are only pretty but totally sexless and non sexual so cant see how that is more 'sexy' than a man. Sex with woman = boring to me Every part of the male body changes and becomes manly and sexier whereas the female body other than getting hips and boobs stays much the same as when as before pubitity. People go on about the female shape etc. Ok she gets **** and a big but or hip but what else ? Truth is she everything else on a woman stays the same as when she grew up. For example. 1) Female skin stays the same as before after puberty as before. However men skin changes and gets manly. You cant deny this as its a fact. Womans skin stays the same as when they were little girls. No so with men! 2) Men again developed more than women round the chin and jawline. They get sexy manly stubble. Women’s jaw stays the same as before they hit puberty. Nothing there changes once again. Obliviously facial hair is only seen as attractive on men and certainly not on women but I say this as to POINT OUT women hardly change from being 12 year old girls! And I certainly don’t think 12 year olds are sexual attractive hence fail to understand how anyone for a second could say women are more sexy when they basically are kids just taller. 3) Womens hands stay the same as kids hands. Small and nothing changes YET again when they grow up into women. BUT mens hands develop and become strong and manly. You can see the change in a mans hands when he grows up but women’s hands simply don’t change from being a 12 year old girl. Fact. 4) Men get macho sexy hairy manly chests. 5) Men get strong manly arms BUT yet again women’s arms rarely change to when they were kids. 6) Men get six packs but women don’t – not really . 7) Men get sexy sideburns. Again nothing changes on the female form there and stays the same as when they were KIDS. Do you want me to go ? As I can. What the hell does change on a woman to when she was a 12 year old girl/kid ?? She just gets **** and hips!!! But nothing else. Just like a kid and how is that sexy or sexier than a strong hunky macho man. No compition there and if you work it out overall men are more poplour than women for both genders when it comes to sexual attraction. More gay men than gay women = more straight woman and people overall fancy MEN. Why because there are more women that are straight and more gay men. It is logical. People can say I am ranting and I am really not caring if I write this in a lazy way but I know I have made a lot of truthful points. Women are pretty but sexy or sexually attractive???? Not for me and certainly not as sexy, fulfilling and sexual satisfying as a man. I have tried sex with a woman although I thought what is the point ? But did so and it only confirmed that women don’t turn me on at all. It was the most sexually unsatisfying experience I have ever gone through with. Personally I think lesbians are getting a raw deal and missing out big time. I don’t understand why you get them when men are more of a turn on to look at and be with. I think lesbians are basically a joke . Just cant see the sexiness in women . They are boring and non sexual compared to men to me.

My pulse races as I peer though the wide open french doors, past the sheer white curtains drifting about gracefully in the light sea breeze, and onto the bed and the two feminine bodies entwined in a passionate embrace there. I watch intently as thier hands roam over each other, exploring and pleasuring, bodies moving to the sensual touch of fingers and lips, arms and feet sliding seductively against the other as well. I feel my **** swell as my eyes are transfixed on the pair, longing to join them but not wanting to interrupt. I feel my shorts drop around my ankles as my hands free my **** from it's confines. I stroke it in my hand as I watch the taller woman with the auburn hair climb atop the submissive blonde. I watch in awe as she chokes her with one hand and fingers her to ****** with the other. The eroticism of what I'm witnessing is intense. Then the slender aggressor places her knees on the shoulders of the blonde and lowers her mound onto her face. As her hips buck to ****** against an out-stretched tongue my hand pumps me to an ****** of my own. I take my eyes off them briefly to watch my ribbon of hot *** sail thru the air and land on the patio. Before I'm able to pull my shorts back up I realize I have been discovered. Both women are now staring at me as I did to them and my legs are frozen in fear...

Mmm, very erotic, may I borrow and build upon this beautiful fantasy? I'd love to imagine watching the two of you from a vantage point on the patio peering in thru the open french doors...