"butt In

ahmm .. well I hope this is not really what I think of .. i mean im attracted to this one 
woman she is very amazing and i love to see her always, I have someone special
 in my life and i always think about her too but every time i got into that point, this woman
im talking about always  butt in & & its crazy coz it makes me smile and I  DON"T KNOW WHY
AM I LIKE THIS ?!!  - Am i bad of thinking like this? .. v.v 
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I agree with Elandra! shes very true!

There is nothing wrong with the way you feel honey.

thanks , But somehow wondering if its okay really^^

you are fine girls in me Sasa she s inside and i hope came as soon as possible out of my men body and find lovely girls (older for my age of cours) becouse we are diferent and we needed each other

well you're in a sticky situation!! :) dont worry hun, it happen to people...alot. u are not the only one... i promise :) i think if this other girl you're talking about dont know how u feel, you tell her!! like when people tell me how they feel about me, i dont ignore them or anything becuz that is just straight up rude... :) sorry i accept people and their feelings...sorry. just tell her, u never know until u tell her...its worth the try... :) but tell her or him when u are fine and ready.. :) i support u 100% in everything u do!! :)

^^ thank u ..i'll keep that in mind . .

you are welcome!! anytime!! :D

muah ^^ ..thanks

*muuaahhh*!! :))) remember theres nothing u can do or say that can make me love or care about u less!! it will alwys be the same!!

^.~ thank u sooo much !!

u are SO welcome...ur an amazing friend!! :) always remember that!! :) that other girl ur talking about, well both are very blessed and lucky to have u in their life !! :)

mmm .. well i just hope she feel the same if ever but anyway .. ur amazing too ^^

:) thanks!! u are always so sweet to me!! i really needed it and i appreciate it!!

ofcoarse if u needed someone to talk or what not im here ^^

aweee!!! :"""))))) that made me smile big time!! u are truly a gift from god!! i am happy that ur in my life!!

*blush* ... i like that im happy too ^^

awwee u blushed!! :D well i am happy that u are happy :) u deserve to be happy! just saying...lol

I know ,.. hopefully very very soon haha ..just wanna say it ^.~

hahaha ur funny...but i love ya!! :D

love u 2 *_*

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