There's Nothing Like It

Like the feel, the scent, the touch of another girl. The delicate way she touches you and you her. The way she makes you feel warm and special. You are hoping that you are doing the same for her. There nothing like the feel of her lips on yours as you kiss>tenatively, at first, then more daing, more passionately.Savoring the taste of each other.No caring about the outside world. Only your own and the moment you are in.
There's nothing quite like the way her hands know just how you like touched, and where. With just the right amount of pressure to cause all of your nerves to tingle.The soft, gentle caresses yu two share are remembered for a long time to come.
Because there's nothing like it.

Elandra77 Elandra77 56-60 15 Responses Sep 13, 2012

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Absolutely so. Nothing compares. :-)

Exactly--you said it well--nothing compares.

There is a sweetness and delicateness to one who is willing to share themselves freely with another.

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That was rather interesting. Variety is the spice of life.

It's funny. I've had both men and women comment on this.

Men desires the touch, the feel , the scent, the contour of another woman's body pressed up to their. Even if only for companionship.

So many women also crave the same.

I glad you liked it. I am also glad it reaches across genders.

I'm glad you captured this, Elandra. I totally agree. *thanks.

Watching two girls kiss is more erotic than just watching ****. They take time to explore and thats just super hot. Love it big time. Add me would love to chat some more

I love my man, but there is something so sensually beautiful that only another woman can give.

True. There is an eroticism about them. Sensuality as you had said.

I`m attracted to women too. ;o)

Yes, there is so much to love about them . The right one can make you feel as if you are the most special person there is. You can only hope you do the same for them.

Respect for one another plays a huge roll in it too.

So true. But there has to be caring and nurturing involved also.

:o) Yes!

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It is unfortunate that so many men don't know the subtleties of the psyche and the ways to touch the body and the mind of a woman. Ah yes sad but true.. We miss out on something I am sure if we don't pay close attention to the subtlety of the feminine mystique..

Tht is very true and I can attest to that. But the heart cares not for gender. It speaks a universal language all it's own and is the same no mater the gender. But as males. or females, we need t oknow how to tap into the heart of another. If one can win over the person's soul and mind--chances are one will be able to win over thier heart.
But yes, too many subtle nuiances go undected by men. They need to learn how to read these. And takes a bit of conditioning.

its the best rush u can ever feel

That's a great way to put it! Glad you read my story!

me 2

Thank you for sharing this truth. I will always remember the first time I experienced this intimacy.

I understand that. it seems a lot have told me the same as wht you did. It's someone one never forgets. And it's very lovely.

the touch of another girl takes my breath away!

Especially one that will meet your needs as you meet hers. They need not be sexual needs. They could be of the nurturing nad supportive needs. Hugging, stroking each others skin, helping each other out with fashion and styling tips and perhaps then, intimacy.

thats so true!! whoo! :) I long for that again one day.

Glad you read and liked the story. And it is so true. Two passionate and intimate caring only for the well being of each other.! (pant) . It is a beautiful feeling and a beautiful thing.

yes it truly is! I wish I could bottle it up and keep that exact feeling. I hope one day I will find it again. And you too! everyone deserves to be happy no matter what gender they love

Tat is exactly true. Everyone deserves happiness. Most do not have it sadly. And I don't believe gender is an issue either.

Yes it is very true. I hope I will again one day!

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touch me lol yes baby

Um Huh! There's nothing like the feel of another girl! Glad you read and liked the story.

Like poetry sweetheart!

Thank you . I'm glad you could relate to it. The ijntimacy and passion one can share with another girl who is willing to share is beyond comparison.

me 2 I love the passion only us girls have 2 give <br />
xx teena

Well said, honey. Passion is a good word.