I've Liked Girls Ever Since I Can Remember

Since I was a young girl I've had crushes on other girls, friends, neighbors other grade school girls.. while all the other girls were skipping and holding hands I was afraid to let them hold mine because I knew that they didn't feel the way I did. I got older, still liked girls, experimented a bit with friends but I still tried to be "normal". I didn't believe that there was anyone else out there like me so I got married and had two beautiful boys but I always felt as though something was missing until I met a girl at work that was bi she confronted me about liking girls so I just opened up for some reason and said yeah.. And it felt so great! So then I really started exploring my self learning more about myself and I came out to my husband, he was upset and mad, pretty much hated me made fun of me, for the sake of the boys I stayed and tried to make it work but it was completely miserable. I finally got my first girlfriend, a long time friend. I fell for her, treated her like a Queen just to find out she had been having sex with two other girls, never gave an explanation or anything.. So here I am still trying to find the self esteem that I am good enough for someone out there and looking for that person that will love me for me :)
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5 Responses Oct 21, 2012

are you a filipina,,pls give me a call 9073811152,,I'm waiting,i wanna know you better ok

you will fine someone just injoy yourself xx

Nicely written, best of luck finding what you need

Love your story,,,,dont give up there is always somebody outside there for every person that will love you and adore you in the right way.

they say when you keep searching, you never find what you're looking for. so don't bother even thinking about it, when it's time, it's just gonna happen, and you'll finally meet that special person we all dream of... good luck and be strongue, i liked your story :)

yeah i hop tht too, but be patient and dont think abt it too mush , don't you think that in life when you focus too mush on something you want so badly, it just dont never happen lol i experienced tht befor...