So Confused!

First I lied to myself my whole life and thought I was strait but now I think I'm bi.

But I'm so much more attracted to girls rather then guys.
When I look at my crush (whom is a girl) I get all blushy and look away!

But when I see a the man I might like, I don't feel squat. -_-

I'm not angry that I may be bi or lesbian but it's hard to find myself
when there is no one around to experiment with!

I never been in a relationship before but now I am not so sure about the people around me!

I hope I meet a lot of bi curious or gays in high school cause I'm just down right not sure.
AnnaSavvy AnnaSavvy
13-15, F
4 Responses Nov 12, 2012

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DAMN. Same here

Same thing here !



how are you?

Good! You?