Girls, I Love Them.

I've always liked girls. I've been always attracted to girls who have a great smile, it just brightens your day and make you forget all the problems that you have. I also like girls who have a pleasing personality, who wouldn't like girls with that. I also like girls with beautiful hair and girls who have gorgeous eyes that could see through me. I love the way they makes you feel so comfortable when you're around them, the way you clicked and the way they look directly into your eyes and tells you the words "I Love You", such actions made by a girl you love makes you feel so intensely loved by her and you can't help it but to eventually, fall deeply in love with her. I love the way they wrap their arms around you, the way they surprises you every now and then, and especially the way they kiss you, their lips so soft and so delicate. The way that they get mad at you that makes your heart so weak you just couldn't sleep and eat at all. I really do love girls. I wish I could find her and I would never let her go and I will always tell her I Love her. :)
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

ohh you're lovely, go get 'em hehe :)