I Think Its Wonderful

I think its so wonderful how many females today are so open about their attraction to other girls. Soceity has accepted it and there is nothing you young girls should be embarrassed about.
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Nothing to be ashamed of!

I agree. I think it's wonderful.

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i think if its what u like :) & makes u feel better about yourself & all :)
then go for it :).. whats that saying ?? you only go around ONCE :)

I agree,and, I love seeing girls kissing and caressing each other.If they enjoy doing more,sexually so much the better!

I so agree with ya ;)

I agree. I have felt that way for a very long time.

That's what we men have been saying all this time ..so sensual and natural for women to be together as partners..it's that darn stereo typing that screws things up for people .. Like me the cross dresser ...my GF of several years still gives me gas about what I wear and when and how..etc....

Nicely said

I absolutely agree...;-)

i agree

it seems like everyone thinks i'm just going through a phase but i truly enjoy men and women. they're just different experiences.

absolutey not - even growing up a army brat - i knew my mom was with other woman.. deployment is a lonely time.

i agree i think its amazing how more opened society has become, but that just makes it hard for young girls like me who arent exactly allowed to explore a relationship with a girl & trust me with all the teenage horemones, its is dam hard.

I know what you mean, FNUF (FNUF...that sounds really cute in my language...lol) - I remember my teen years and my feelings for especially one girl in the Saturday sauna baths back in my village in Finland. We eventually "made it" but it was all secrecy and hush hush...this was still in Scandinavia in the nineties so I can imagine its still hard in other parts of the world with less democratic and open societies and maybe where religion defines love between same genders as a deadly sin....
I tried adding you - plz add me if you wish.
Take care of your hormones....they will surely integrate with all of your lovely beeing....might take some time of course...

haha you have no idea how much i envy you, your relationship may have been hush hush but at least you got to explore that part of who you are, i am both religious & live in a small town which means my family would find out in no time, but yes hormones are killing me & on top of that my heart is easy to swoon especially with girls so lol im dieing here but i appreciate your comment & ugh sorry love i tried adding you but it wont let me either? im new on this site so im not sure what im doing

Don't be shy or embarrassed about it sweetie - its normal. If you need to talk message me

ok i changed my age & i think i added you? it says your in my circle so i think that means were friends now? but ill still try adding you by email, & thanks for your response its been nice talking to you. hopefully we'll talk more.

& thanks Beth40mwf, i appreciate your response & if i need to talk ill be sure to message you! :)

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Maybe so but it is taking away from the male population that wants female companionship. Is that "our loss"?