Hello everyone!
I am wanting to try to talk to this girl again.

When I first started to have a crush on her it was towards the end of school last year at first things were normal we would make eye contact here and there but we never really talked, I would be nice to her as often as I could. And I didn't tell anyone anything about My crush on her. One day in one of my classes ( she wasn't in) we were all talking about prom and some of my friends were like who are you ( me) going to ask and I said nobody really and then a girl who knew the girl I like was like oh are you thinking of this one girl and guessed the correct girl ( she knew her from track) and I was so stunned I didn't even say anything I might have blacked out. I tried to find out later how she knew and she never told me how.

Any ways it was out that I had a little crush on her and a little later down the road I would Normally before class started I would go to a different class and talk to some of my friends that were in there and she was in there too. I thought maybe I'll get a better chance of talking to her. Well on day I was sitting next to her in one of her classes and I was typing a paper ( in a computer lab) and I passed her a note and I said "what's your name....... Nice to meet you, I'm XXXXXX you can call me by my last name ( I go by my last name more often even teachers call me by my last name)" and her reply was " I know I always see you talking to one of my friends" then the class was over and instead of saying anything to me she just got up and left.

Another day I was in her class and I was actually in her seat and I asked her sorry am I in your seat and she replied I don't remember what but it was very soft then she turned red really fast then she went to go talk to her friends and I went to go back to my class. Later after this she osted on twitter " stop coming to my classes it's not gonna happen" so I only assume she is talking about me.

Anyways things didn't really turn out I never really talked to her after that because I was told that she hated me by one of my friends who knew her and I wanted to ask her why because I hadn't done anything to her and I did on the last day of school well I was a chicken and sent her a DM on twitter asking why and she said "why do you think I hate you?"
And I didn't say exactly why because my friend ( not so trusted friend anymore) said that he wasn't suppose to tell me anything so I just said "I just figured that you did"
And she replied " well I don't" and I just said " oh well my bad, sorry... Wow I feel awkward now well have a good summer maybe I'll talk to ya sometime" I never talked to her throughout the summer and just accepted defeat.

Now school has started and I have seen her and where her new locker is ( not being stalkerish it's just me being aware of my surroundings and that her locker is 15 feet away from mine) any ways that's all I noticed the first day of school I didn't make eye contact or anything or even see her in the hallway besides passing by her locker.

On the 2nd day of school it was about the same until lunch. At lunch the first day I didn't notice that she was in my lunch and I though maybe I saw her going to A lunch so I was like oh well who cares. But on the second day I was looking for one of the teachers and I looked behind me and she was sitting there I didn't look at her or focus on her but with my perception I'm pretty sure that she looked at me when I turned around but I turned back around so quick that I couldn't really tell.
After lunch I got my stuff and was heading to my next class ( I had to make it through the lunch line coming back and I was talking to one of my bud while looking for an opening and I noticed from the corner if my eye that she glanced at me.

I wouldn't mind attempting to try to talk to her again but I just don't know how or where I should begin or if I should just move on completely which I don't think would be hard for me to do at this point and to be honest looking back I cannot tell if she was just playing hard to get or was just not interested.

Thanks for reading up to this point people I appreciate it! So is there any advice anyone has for me?
Shado7 Shado7
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2014