So Hot, I Melted In Her Arms.

When I was in high school, I was on several girl teams. My parents encouraged me to maintain a healthy life style and that meant much exercise. So, from a yun age I had all kinds of lessons.....swimming, tennis, went to basketball camps, etc
One sport I excelled at was swimming. I took to it like I was born to live in the water.
My specialty was the back stroke and all the back stroke girls practiced together, a bonding think I guess.
One of the girls was the hottest you could imagine. Short blonde hair. A perpetual tan. Strong white teeth (not sure why I remember this) and a knock out body. We always swam adjoining lanes when lapping the pool (no, no sexual connotation here......yet)
One day we were both in the rest room together, and she said, "Kami, do Ihave a hole the butt of my suit?" One of the girls had told her thank when she was bent over in the startting blocks she could see a little hole in the butt of her suit. I said bend over and I'll look. Well sure enough, there was a little hole there, and u could see a peek at her butt crack. I actually reached our with a finger and poked her there saying, see.
She jumped a mile high. Then, seemed embarassed and said thanks, I'll have mom sew it up, and left.
She was the hottest girl in school and i had actually poked my finger in (well, not actuallly in), well, at her little butt hole.
I never forgot that, even after she was elected prom queen.

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So where is the melted in her arms part of the story... I am ready to read your sensual thoughts and desires of how you and another locked eyes and then lips and then hips and then rode all the way to ******