So... yes I don't know why I am interested in you, because challenging? I don't even know.

Yes I do like u but I want to spend more time w/ u and get to know u however this is not the right time due to u just finish a relationship and also I don't think u r interested in me. Yes I'm hot and pretty however I also understand that it's nothing about how a person look or the personality, I mean... personality does mean sth but u wouldn't know a person's personality till u spend time w/. I do think I have good personality u just don't see it yet and I wish one day u can see it.
I understand u r having fun here now having different pretty girls around u which is fine just hope u don't get lost. Not until u experience sth u know what u want.
Anyway it's okay u r not interested in me, I just want to be a friend of u and do not want u misunderstood as well.
Honestly I just dont' what to do, I want to be friend w/ u but I know somehow u know I like u. Im trying my best to see u as one of my male friend that's it.
I knew I'm not that lucky :S....
It just take some luck and change to meet a person u like and this person likes u too and it takes more to make it work....
I had few relationship before that I'm glad I met those guys I'm interested in and they r interested however it didn't work out...some of them I thought it's gonna work out but it turn out to be not...
Life goes on anyway...I don't know who will I end up w/.. or maybe being alone for rest of my life...god knows and whatever...

I'm just one of those girl in the world, nothing special at all somehow I know I'm sth different but only few of them can see the difference...wish u could see it...I know u r smart,,, not sure if u r smart enough to see it...or u gonna be covered by those hot girls in club?! I don't ... have fun then.
: )
Hope everything go well w/ u.
TaiwanSag TaiwanSag
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2012