Attracted To Intelligent Guys

I find intelligence an incredible turn-on. It seems like no matter what the guy looks like, he seems hot if he can hold his own when it comes to an intellectual discussion. It really turns me on if I don't agree with his point, but he can hold up his end of the argument
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4 Responses May 5, 2012

I would generally agree that only intelligence trumps only good looks, but I've been around enough very smart dudes who always need to be right to realize that we need to make one amendment: ***social intelligence is vital***. Politeness and the ability to read social cues are skills that need to go hand-in-hand with academic intelligence and pure wit.

lol Funny! I wouldn't go to that extreme, either!

I think that what I meant by "pure wit" was maybe something like street smarts. I'm questioning what that phrase could signify!

YES! could not agree more.

An old BBC radio programme called "The Brains Trust" had a regular panel member who began almost every answer with "it depends what you mean by.....", well in this case it would be "intelligence". What is your take on it?

imma smart gurl but i like both jocks and intelligent guys

Me too.