Women/ Men Insight Into People

For a long time now I kept repeating the same mistakes about how I viewed the world. I kept generalizing things without noticing it. I would be like women like bad guys and start thinking more bad guys existed out there than bad women. I am unsure where I got this crazy belief from now.
I slowly am realizing seeing women as more than human is a basic problem a lot of guys make and it makes them unhappy and makes life difficult for decent guys.
I am not saying this as a theoretical thing. I know tons of decent guys that have never had a relationship or too many dates. I was like okay let's blame women for this say they like only bad guys. But I realized women are like men we all come in a variety of ways. Some women are amazing. Some women are pathetic when it comes to love and date anyone- guy or girl who can find some form of control over their mind- wittingly or otherwise. So, for me to realize that not all men are great, but some are and not all women are great, but some are as well that's the beginning of intelligence with relationships as friends or as lovers.
startingpointguard33 startingpointguard33
26-30, M
Nov 27, 2012