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All my life I have been known by others as the nerd, the dork, the geek, and the egg head. I was the kind of guy that was friends with most people no matter their status and what not but I still got picked on a lot. I was a guy who played sports but was great at science, math and literature. Now ten years later I am a man who had not only served in the United States Army as a combat soldier. But have also come to find out that I am a man of an IQ of 164, both hemispheres of my brain are co dominant, was majoring in genetic engineering, and I am one of the most intelligent men that a lot of people have met. I dont mean to sound arrogant or condecending. Thats not my way. Its just amusing if you will to find out that how it was back then is switched around. The transformation is remarkable and fascinating to see the jock jerks from the past become the still jerks but loosers today. Never doubt the intelligent ones for they are the future of this world.
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Thanks for serving! And good for you about your intelligence; it is running low these days.

Yes Ive noticed that quite a bit along with common sense diminishing as well. And thank you for your appreciation of my service. Not everyone does.

I don't get why smart people are bullied. Maybe it's because the people bullying are jealous but they really must be stupid to make someone feel outcast because they are smart :)

People who bully smart people are either jealous, or they think being smart is stupid. Either way, it makes them feel better about themselves because they feel "superior".

Smart people are bullied because we are different. People point and ridicule things that are different because they dont understand it. You take a man who is physically strong and he is just that. Nothing more. The only job opportunities that he has is hard manual labor and building for those who are intelligent enough to dream of the things to be built. But not all people who are not as intelligent are bullies. Some of them may be big and dumb but they are actually good people. Its the same way where intelligent people can be bullies as well. Check out the show The Big Bang Theory. Youll see what I mean.

Funny, I just posted a question about "The Big Bang Theory" a few minutes ago!

Lol oh I gotta see that now.

By the way I dont know why but I tried to add you and it said cant add.

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