I Didnt Know Girls Found Intelligence Attractive

:-) That's good to know, I figured smart guys were a turn off
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

<p>Hmm... perhaps you are confusing girls not liking men who THINK that they are intelligent with ones who can actually engage in a conversation that contains a modicum of interesting content? <br />
I find at times that while people state that they like intelligence in the opposite sex, they themselves have a brain filled with cat food, cracker jacks and moonshine.<br />
It leaves ones hungry!

Yes! The disclaimer or ""Now, don't get me wrong ... I like smart women/men and all, BUUUUT....." ( *statement about preferring a stupid partner follows*)


I've never met a girl in my life who thought smart men were a turnoff, unless they were absolutely humorless. How do these canards ever get started. Another one is that men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses which is demonstrably a load of old cobblers. Some of the most seductive women on the planet wear glasses.

I've rarely heard a woman say to her g/f - "I know! Let's go to that bar where all the yokels, dumbos and rubes are. Those guys sure know how to mutter and chugalug gallons of beer.