"I Am Attracted to Intelligent Guys"

I love Intelligent Men! There is no doubt about it! I think intelligence and a good sense of humor are two of the most attractive qualities a man can have!
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Ooh, cynicism indeed. Now I've got to say that my "wishful thinking list" is quite long, but it's always been rather easy for me to be attracted to a guy. And smart and witty has generally done it for me. Granted, it's got to be the brand of witty that works for me specifically, but that's just what I can understand...

They all say they're attracted to intelligent guys with a sense of humor, but they have to look a certain way too... People say I'm smart, funny, nice... But you look at me, and you run for the hills. They all say that's what they like, but they want some guy with a six pack too. They don't like people like me with stomachs. <br />
<br />
Forgive my cynicisim, but that's what it's always been in my life.

Personally I am am very attracted to smart and funny men. Looking back on all the guys I was attracted to it really wasn't looks that first got me into them. Usually I don't really start to like a guy until I realize he is smart and funny. I do like it when a guy is taller than me (im tall, so a taller guy is nice LOL) but I have liked some shorter guys that are smart and funny too :D

You're casting an awfully wide net, with this "intelligence" criteria... I'm having much better luck with a cute smile. Clever gets too many blank stares.

hey, i think that you all might be describing my husband- the man who percieves he's genius material. i mean, don't get me wrong, i am by no means the smartest woman on the planet, but my husband litterally thinks he's a genius. if he doesn't understand something it is because they didn't make it right or whatever. now, <br />
men who are smart for real? love it just as much as the rest of you. it is such a natural turn on!

what's worse than a stupid male? i married one ... A: a stupid male who believes he's brilliant! what's worse than a man with no humor? i married him (same guy - real charmer tho) A: a man who believes he's hilarious and is NOT ... AT ALL! ugh! thank goodness that's over ...

My first hubby was very intellegent. Also very cunning in a not so charming way. So I thought I'd be smart, and marry a Redneck on the next go- round. Whelp, I need to know... Is there a THIRD group of men out there to pick from, cause the other 2 can be calous!!!