I just want someone who can keep up with me in a conversation and provide me with with mental stimulation; not just physical stimulation (lol). I live in a southern state and go to somewhat of a party school, so i am frequently in classes with hung-over frat jocks and cookie cutter vapid sorority *******. that or hunters; god i hate hunters and hearing conversations between inbred billy bob and his cousin-brother bubba where the phrase "that thurr" comes more than once.

I want a truly intellegent guy; one who is smart and knows it, but is not an arrogant *******. most cute intellegent guys i encounter have severe social awkwardness syndrome or a messiah complex. ugh.

xMrVincentVegax xMrVincentVegax
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I think whatever you have right now is an exact replica of ur own earned fruits, and doesn't matter what ever the taste you are experiencig... u told u need a perfect guy, but i am deadly sure that ur search will br neverlasting, as becqause being a normal human I feel nobody want to get in touvh with those people who feel comfort only via the way as in which u r desiring???<br />
U don't need some one just for talking with u but truth is that u wanna a a person who do every thing as you wish, who sit when u say for sittingg who stand untill u don't allow him to be relaxed etc etc...... so for that girl living inside you my answerwill be very short and straight, which is that<br />
U just need to go the hell with all garbage of utterl nonsense desires and imaginary wantings...<br />
on the other ahnd for ur second pat I can't say wheher how seriously I can be in future ( may be just a 1 minute duration after ending my writing), for u , either in a way of being a good one or a bad one giy came out as a fast and sharp but existing just only for a bit moments of time as same as a lightning strikes in sky, but always there will be a orayer who will flow out for infinite n, in which I will prayer that o ulmighty how i dom't know but u know pkease show her(to u) a path having least difficulties otherwisw she will change into a living dead body... which will be veru very painful for all those who cares abt u but u had never shown respect or understood their supports because of that u r atleast that one who uuuu u really u found as in u....<br />
<br />
amit vikram dubey<br />

well i'm a dude but yeah i see what you mean.