I have come to notice that I have no "type" I was just talking to my office mate about an hour or so ago now about men we like and it hit me I have NO type....at...all. My ex was always the tight skinny jeans skater kind of guy, a guy that I am seeing on and off he is always in polos and nice jeans, a guy I am just friends with bens is a college professor with LOTS of tattoos. I mean lots and lots and lots.... I guess I really have no type but this, everyone of them is VERY intelligent. I will be the first to say I am not the brightest crayon in the box so I wonder why I am attracted to men that are intelligent but that is a must on my check list. I think smarts are so sexy!

There is a lot that turns me off with men tho so even if you are intelligent you can kill it with a few things.

I guess that is all I have to say on that.
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I would seriously like it if we could get to know one another. I have read at least 20 stories you have me in stitches. I love it.

and we have things in common :-)