Keep Telling My Daughter

I tell my 16 year old daugher constantly.....PICK THE NERD....PICK THE NERD...

forget the football jocks.....forget the hard bodied guys....they will be garage mechanics someday....

(dont get offended you studs on EP....trying to guide my daughter here...she doesnt know about you that are exceptions...hehe)

she isnt exactly listening....but I can remain hopeful....:)
Lexus Lexus
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22 Responses Nov 20, 2007

I love this!<br />
<br />
I have dated both and I agree: the nerds are the ones that rock the most.

Sometimes the nice guys are afraid to fight for what they want. <br />
<br />
There are plenty of girls out there who like the nerds and geeks, but feel intimidated by them. <br />
<br />
I'm perfectly intelligent myself (although I rarely show it) but when I'm around a really intelligent guy, I go semi-retarded and am just terrified I'm not smart enough to hold their attention.

we can only hope our children learn at least a bit from our mistakes....

It's true I guess... I'm guilty of the same thing I always used to fall for the bad girls and then wonder why I got hurt!

Depends on the relationship they have with thier kids....and personally i dont demand my daughter listen....just try to give her pointers in the right direction. Its a balance...and yes if you insist they will insist the other direction and no one wins.

No daughters, but I do have friends with kids and I think it's not something you can tell someone to do. There's no way to control attraction.<br />
I think it might make things worse, they'll date the bad boys just to **** off their parents.

Do you have a daughter Billy? or friends that do?<br />
<br />
Only way to change this is raise a generation of smarter women.

I hate to do this but I have to sympathize with achilles811, the majority of women hate the geeks and screw over the nice guys!

Keep searching achilles....she is out there...:)

your takes maturity for them to see....<br />
<br />
Our job as parents is to try to get them there quicker. I only really have the ability to impact one young grils life....<br />
<br />
One at a time....hopefully things will improve.

Lets hope not achilles....

That is exactly our point achillles....trying to change that by teaching our children.....guiding them toward smarter choices.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you have faced all hope you find the one that is right for you.

Billy...its hard to convince them when they are young...even my daughter. Hopefully though someday my words will tingle in her ear when that right guy come along...and she will in fact notice him....:)

I wish there were more moms like you! I was a huge nerd and I had to hide my nerdiness to get chicks!

do hope so Lily....thanks...:)

Yeap....<br />
<br />
I have a tall blonde really cute....(look in my pictures for proof) daughter..<br />
<br />
She has no trouble attracting guys....I just really want her to choose wisely.<br />
<br />
She gets hurt when she doesn fit the sterotypical or two dates and they move know what I mean I'm sure..<br />
<br />
She is adamant to stay pure....she doesnt want a "heavy" relationship....she wants a cute guy bud to hang out with an go to movies and such with....they want...welll....<br />
<br />
If she would just stop looking at them...and start listening to them....I firmly beleive she would fair much better.

My dad always told me that!!!! Before I went away to college he told me to pick the nerd.

Lexus,<br />
<br />
Bless you. You keep telling your daughter that. Not enough moms did that when I was 16. There were plenty of girls wanting to be my sister though.

I'm smart...:)

yes they are...<br />
<br />
for one thing....brains means "they know how"!!!!!

couldnt agree more!!!

yepper!!<br />
<br />
shhh...don't tell ok???<br />
<br />
JD was air traffic a computer programer geek...<br />
<br />
<br /> can tell him the last part.....{wink}