You know what's sexy? A man who has goals and ambitions in life and not only retains these goals, but he also pursues them until they evolve or are reached! Damn. That's sexy.

Also a man who loves to dance with his woman at every opportunity just to have a reason to hold her and move with her.

Delightful. ;)
icandoit13 icandoit13
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You are so right.

Goals, ambition and dancing.

My current ambition is to "master" the waltz but I love salsa, bachata and Argentine Tango. Oh, the tango.

If anyone on here doesn't dance, you should learn. Trust me.

I couldn't agree more! A driven, ambitious man is such a turn on.

Dancing with a partner is very intimate. I love it.

Men who know what they want and how to get them! (: