Would you have heated arguments about stupid things (Sandwiches are supposed to be triangular!) with me just for the fun of it? Would you learn a new language with me so we could whisper exciting sweet nothings to each other every morning? Would you help me brush up on my geometric and vector calculus to pass the time during wild storms? Would you maintain a scoring system with me, for the times we point out each other's fallacies? (Mhm... Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Me: 2 You: 1) Would you explain to me the concepts behind anything seemingly mundane, such as hugs or coffee? Would you fix my laptop, like the technology boss that you are, when the "free smileys" apps I click on mess it up? Would you prove to me that I'm literally the center of the universe, while I prove to you that you're figuratively the center of mine? Would you tell me the historical relevance of the practices we see or the objects we come across during our trips? Would you discuss thoughts and ideas with me the very moment they pop up? Would you risk starting a weird business together? Would you keep an open mind regarding my spiritual beliefs? Would you refer to things' chemical formulas or scientific names out of the blue just to make me think harder? Would you envision the near future with me, based on the current economy and politics of our country/ies? Would you laugh at me when I get frustrated at "aperture" or "exposure" and guide my hands while you show me how it's done? Most importantly, would you ignore all universal laws, rational thinking, everything that makes sense, when it comes to the way you feel about me?

If you said yes to all of these... hahahaha this IF statement will return 'false' answers only. The guy doesn't exist. (x
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This world still holds it's mirth of mysteries. Who knows? Maybe the subject of the perfect match for you lies there, where the mermaids fly and the fairies break dance.

Lol are you telling me this guy is as good as mythical? q:

No, dear girl. I am saying that, at the moment, he exists in your dreams. And dreams tend to become reality if the dream bearer is tenacious enough. :p

Whether or not it's possible for one man to satisfy all those criteria, it is a worthy and laudable aspiration.

I'm glad somebody thought so. <: