Yes, Intelligence Is Very Sexy!

Definitely attracted to intelligent women. These little airhead barbie dolls do nothing for me. No matter how great they look, ultimately, I find them just irritating. One can only talk about a shopping mall for so long (about 45 seconds and thats pushing it LOL) Thank God my significant other is very intelligent, actually she's an eclectic mix of intelligence with moments of flightiness. It's very endearing

Praxis Praxis
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8 Responses Feb 15, 2009

What about a mensa mama that's also a babe, then what?

Gentlemen you have restored my faith! I 'suffer' from being one of those and have down played both my intelligence and my profession (University lecturer) for years. Thanks, i knew you existed but i didn't know where, certainly not in mainstream!

I agree, intelligence is sexy!

(Checks Maisiedobbs ID) Okay, you're cool. Here's a free drink coupon. Have fun!

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I've got bouncers out front screening people.

Surprisingly, yes. Maybe it will get better support in a day or two. Possibly, everyone is hung over today hehehe

So glad to hear it!!!

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Right on!