As Far As Friendship Goes

I like having conversations with intelligent women and I would like to have one as a mate, but I wouldn't say I'm attracted to them as far as love goes (it takes something deeper than intelligence). I think being attracted to one's intelligence can be as shallow as being attracted to one's looks, background etc.

Tummie Tummie
26-30, M
3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Mutual physical attraction can be a factor in the long-term too...

Insightful. Love's incredibly complex. Compatible intellect, however, is definitely a factor in the long-term!

I agree. it can be shallow. I knew a guy like that and he was kind of snobby about the IQ scores of people he dated.<br />
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I am attracted to talent though which is probably a little shallow but I guess I'm a little shallow then. :) But there's always something more.