Winter Bliss

So... Here I go... Ummm where do i begin?? Truth be told if I'd never heard of an hermaphrodite until 6 years ago, I'd still be in denial. I hope I'm not being offensive by noting that. I happen to be a lesbian so u don't have to clap or anything lol joking :) in all seriousness I don't think life could have given me or the parents of intersex individuals a more better than different gift. So take a bow for being you unique and if your freaky that's a bonus ;) real talk ladies live your life out loud step away from the haters and do your thang!! I would like to have a dating experience with a intersex woman as long as we can be friends and share our worlds the reason I want to is because of double mint gum lol joking again no seriously. I'm looking for a date and not any date, intersex women only ;) catch yah Lattah
Winterbliss Winterbliss
26-30, F
Jan 18, 2013