Maths Teacher

So I've got in my school a pretty god damn good looking maths teacher. He is new this year and very young (people spread rumors that his age is around 24-26). He graduated from the top university in the world, which makes him even more attractive (because nothing is more attractive than a young, intelligent man). I feel very attracted to him, even though he is not teaching my class, but there is something in the air every time we pass each other. I dont even know what to do, should i look for some closer contact (just to see if we could at least become close in a 'student-teacher' way)? Or should i keep my distance? HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE. And if i could i would date him without a single doubt!
C'mon guys, tell me your stories if you have any related to this topic. I need some inspiration, perhaps :D
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Oh yes.... I can relate to this one. My ex-teacher was inexplicably handsome, charming, debonair... I could go on (not surprising he had a girlfriend). Yes, there was a swarm of hungry female students after him. He was my biology teacher back in high school. He graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is the hardest school to get into in the world. I was his student sophomore year, then I became his assistant junior year. Unfortunately, he didn't see me graduate, which I hated him for. Whatever. Easy come, easy go, right?