I Love Native Americans!!!!!

I am of native american descent. I am 14 years old and I know I have alot of native american in me but I am not sure exactly how much. I always found native american boys attractive. I saw dances with wolves and Nathan Lee (the boy that plays smiles alot in the movie) and he drove me crazy!!!!!! I wish he could still be the age he was when that movie came out!!lol

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o wow i live in flint, michigan!

Fashoooo!<br />
I'm gona try and get on here as often as possible.I'm on break so i have time.<br />
We could def get along.<br />
where are you from?<br />
I Live in Ypsilanti, Michigan

cool we could get along!

Haha. I TOTALLY understand and agree :D<br />
I definitely know I am of Native American Descent,but do not know how much.<br />
I'm extremely white,but my great grandma was either full blown or half/part Cherokee.Everyone in my fam is practically darker than me.<br />
I've always loved natives and was always intrigued by them.<br />
They're super sexy so I know where you're coming from haha.