Finding My "indian" Will Be More Hard Than It Is For The Rest Of You Girlz....

American Indians (sorry folks, I know you probably hate the term Indian, but it is in the group description ) have been my fantasy ever since childhood.

I love the style, I love the culture, I love the religion, I love the freedom.

I have been buying books with pictures of Indians, and I have been weatching movies, ever since I remember myself.

They have been like a life purpose at some point.

The trouble is, I live in Europe, I am originally Greek, living in England...

So what are the chances of meeting and interacting with an Indian? Oh life sucks.

I so much would like to have an active relationship with one. I am wondering if somewhere on the internet I could find an Indian man to chat, at least...

GreatEnchantress GreatEnchantress
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I am here, lets chat:)