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I Have a Question

Are there any women out there who are attracted to guys who don't fit into any particular group? I'm just a normal guy i'm not a stud i'm not a nerd i'm not a jock i'm not a bad boy and i'm not a saint. I'm just a normal guy. What is wrong with that why does everyone have to be classified as this type of guy or that type of guy. This really leaves a lot of guys completely out in the cold and some of us are decent people who just want to find someone who will respect them for who and what they are. Anyway i keep seeing experiences like this and thought i'd throw in the perspective of a normal guy who doesn't really fit into a category.
ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick 46-50, M 81 Responses Jan 21, 2008

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I don't know that I fit any particular group here either. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. :)

Well, if my best friend is any indication, then the answer is yes. 1 year relationship with one of the hottest, most fun-loving women I've ever had the privilege to meet, and we've made a joke that his "category" is literally just his name.

If I'm any indication, though, I'd say nay, but maybe that's just because my friend's an Average Joe type of "no category" character, while I, on the other hand, am just a ******' walking paradox.

I don't care if you don't have a catergory, as long as you're nice...

I try...and most people think i succeed :-)

You do!! :-)

the way society works labels labels labels everywhere XD

I think there are categories for everybody. Nobody is normal I think! Propably you are not aware of the categories you belong to!<br />
On the other hand, people can assign you to categories without asking your permition, so I assume you are already categorized from the people around you!

Then again, who fits perfectly in any category?

I do...i fit perfectly into the category of being boring LOL

Why does every third man here on ep try to convince me that he's boring? I bet that you're not!

I like guys who are sincere about they things they like to the point where they don't care whether or not they're conforming to labels or stereotypes. This is probably why I like nerdy guys so much, because nerds don't tend to care that they're nerds.

Well you have to get noticed somehow. Nice and normal work but don't be shy! (yes my user name is ironic)

To like a person not becouse he stereotypically anything in looks, but in heart and behave<br />
As normal person u have chances 2 b like as big as un normal person does :)

To like a person not becouse he stereotypically anything in looks, but in heart and behave<br />
As normal person u have chances 2 b like as big as un normal person does :)

To like a person not becouse he stereotypically anything in looks, but in heart and behave<br />
As normal person u have chances 2 b like as big as un normal person does :)

It wouldn't be because i want to be in a category it would be because i want to get laid LOL

there is ladies that don't look for a categories. I'm one of them. Don't change who you are because you want to be in a category. Thats just plain stupid.

Call me when you turn 21 :-)

I like guys like you! I wish more guys were "normal" because the ones in groups, idk. they just act a certain way and I don't like it. I hope you find a nice girl! :)

It is nice to have all of these friends online and i do cherish each friend i get though i don't always talk to them very much (a result of my job more than anything) but having nothing but online friends for the most part makes for a pretty lonely life sometimes.....if it wasn't for the voices in my head i would never have ANYONE to talk to LOL

it matters because i have found that in general it seems to matter to the fairer sex (online friends excepted of course) and i assume the opposite is true as well for you ladies

I have never fallen into any particular group either....smiling softly.....and that's okay by me. I like being who i am and when push comes to shove isn't that what really matters? As long as you are comfortable in your own skin what does it really matter what others think? Of course it's nice to be accepted by others, but those who do not accept me for who and what i am are not worthy of my time and attention anyway.

I only have 2 categories initially.....friendly and unfriendly. Other sub categories may come if i actually get them to talk to me LOL

let me ask you something else?why you boys like to classify girls into categories?Like the sl_t,the nerd, or generally "all girls are stupid" yes I've heard that from an 20year old man!!I think the two opposite sexes need to discover each other.Because they do not sit down to do it, they classify their representatives in order to feel that they know them :)

the only magazines i subscribe to are Discover and The Hockey News

Whew !!!............ smiles<br />
Come to think of it I don't think Discover magazine or Foreign Affairs or Mother Earth or any of the others do centerfolds............smiles

something tells me thats not going to be an issue Elf LOL

Rick.... after getting your ego massaged by all the ladies.............PLEASE..... in the name of all that is HOLY.............DO NOT pose nude for a centerfold in any magazine I read..............<br />
smiles<br />
<br />
Thanks in advance for your consideration :-P

we get along fine now but you are right i was painfully shy back then.....i'm still shy today but not as bad as i used to be

back in high school i truly didn't care what anyone thought about me and i acted as if dating didn't matter to me consequently i spent most of my time alone.......25 years later a group of classmates started going out for drinks every month and i found out what those people thought of me back then.....most didn't remember me at all but when they tried to place me they asked what group i hung out with, those few who did remember me thought i was stuck up because i didn't hang out with anyone. so it is my experience that the group or type you are associated with has a dramatic effect on ones social life.

Alright, lookie here, first of all I haven't read all the comments just the one you posted originally. I'm sure you are a great guy, a great catch. Women can be ******** sometimes too in the sense that they feel they need more excitement, more drama, something they can really engage their minds in. Normal guys are honestly boring sometimes. Women do not want to admit that they want to settle into a nice stress-free no drama relationship until they are soo scorned and hurt and just sick of it that they just give up and give in. Maybe what you need to do is just be you. Go play pool, have a drink with the guys, and don't worry why the girls aren't after you yet. You need to get to know you and build a little confidence in yourself before you even think about being bothered with women. With the state you are in now, they are just going to use you and abuse you. Try new things, maybe set new personal goals that don't involve women. You are a real catch I am sure, but you need to be you first. You can't just be thinking what if all the time. I know smart guys, I know bad boys, I know smart bad boys that are ultimately just ******** cuz they are soo insecure. Be proud of being you. Don't let women get you down. You need to learn how to have fun on your own. Sorry this is sooo long, but I hope it helped a little, at least.

You are right. I wish I could tell you the reason. Normal good guys are just boring actually. Something no one wants to admit that they want to settle down with till they are sooo scorned and burned by other guys that they just give up and give in. I haven't read all 57 previous comments, but I'm sure you are a good guy. Also, maybe you should just live your life and stop looking. Maybe you should just find what you can do that makes you happy, which doesn't always have to involve women. Do you have any male buddies that you can just hang out with, shoot pool and have a beer with? My best friend/love interest just called me talking about world wars one and two. Are ya serious? Smart guys are over-rated, bad boys are mysterious yea, and I know some smart bad boys who are just plain ********. I hate this cuz people always tell me this, but you just have to be confident. Give off that I don't care vibe and everything will be fine I assure you. Don't wonder why or when, just be content with yourself first.

i don't know if thats good or bad lol

Oh Miss J. You are definitely a "Particular Sort".