Now I Know That Nerds Are Best!

Kids at school fell into four different categories;

1) The popular 2) Middle of the road but fit in anywhere 3) Greb's (only wear black and like rock music) and 4) Nerdy kids who always got picked on. I fell into the Nerdy group.

The popular kids thought it would be highly amusing if they sent one of the good looking, popular boys to chat me up and then knock me down by saying they wouldn't be interested in a million years.

The first time this happened I was sucked in, I actually believed that there might be something about me that he/they liked. Bad mistake!

 I soon realized there was nothing about these people that even made me want to like them. Eventually, this began to shape the way that I viewed the opposite sex. I only accepted compliments or being chatted up by boys from  the group that I felt safe with, My friends, the Nerds.

Scientists say we develop a "love map" which tells us who we are interested in as potential partners. I believe that these early experiences of being bullied helped to develop sense of who I wanted to be with.

I never thought anything positive could come of being bullied but it has.  I think the Nerdy guys didn't mess around at school and so are brighter. They have learned that they have to try harder with women and so they appreciate us more and treat us better.
These are just two reasons I can think of that make Nerdy guys better than the conventionally good looking, popular guys who seemingly have all the girls flocking to them.

I am in my 30's now and it has been almost 20 years since I left school. I still see some of the "popular" girls who were bullying me, most are still single, or in and out of pointless relationships with guys who are valued only because they are good looking or have a nice car.
I know I shouldn't feel so smug and self righteous but for this story it seems to serve a point. I compare these girls to myself - "sweaty betty" the girl who would have nobody, the girl who always had dodgy unfashionable clothes and hand-me-downs from other people. The girl who everyone hated and who they loved to single out.

I am happily married to the sweetest guy in the world. Yes he's a Nerd, but I love him and I wouldn't ever change him.
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Cute Story! <3

If only I knew then what i know now :o)

COngrats!!!!<br />
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I want a nerd too!