I Love Nerds.

Nerds, are awesome. Smart men are super sexy, I love listening to them talk about the things that excite them. I like that usually they have no idea that they could possibly be attractive. I like the look on their face as you pull away from that first kiss. I love that they work so damn hard in bed, never underestimate the sexual prowess of the nerd. Nerds, don't just watch **** they study it and take notes. And last but not least, nerds are usually really nice stand up guys.
omgseriously omgseriously
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3 Responses Jun 2, 2012

I am sort of the same--I love it when I discover that the conservative mild acting woman at the conference or whereever I meet her turns out to have a killer *** when you get her naked and learn that she has a secret side and ***** like a freak---and only I know it.

omgseriously.... You got that one *bang* on.... Oops... ignore the pun ;)

Thank you for kissing and loving nerds!! You are a super person and a really hot!!