Love Them.

I always find myself attracted to the really intelligent nerdy-ish guys. I admit, I'm a hater, and I am anti-social by choice. I used to be quite social, but now only have 3 close friends. I still always find myself looking for a guy on his own, or reading, or worshipping his iPod.. or something else nerdy. I think it may be because i know if there were ever a relationship formed between me and this "nerdy loner", i would have nobody else to compete with, except perhaps his computer - which would more than likely be our main method of communication. I also like guys with problems, or depressed guys. They're so vulnerable-looking.

To summarise: I love loner nerds!!
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The problem that I find with my attraction to loner-types is that it's almost impossible to befriend them!

i would say i'm similar (insert female for male), but what bothers me sometimes internally, is that the attraction is borne out of my own low self-esteem. that is, it's easier to win over someone 'lower' down the pecking order and inspire dependency-of-you in them. it's a few inches off preying on someone. though at the same time, there's similarities in personality.

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We must be twins because I would love to meet the man you're talking about!

I understand what you mean. They have a lot on their mind and they are more interesting to talk to and listen to. =)

I bet Can't Buy Me Love is one of your fav. movies! That's what this piece reminded me of! lol.