Am A Nerdy Guy Who Longed For Girls Like Yourself!

I discovered as long ago as middle school that quite a few girls have time for nerds. High school discourages that, but in college, passion for nerds can run quite warm. After college, nerds have trouble making the first move, but are still in demand. The reason for nerd appeal has always struck me as obvious. Nerds don't have the social skills to be unfaithful.

I thought I was a nerd, but no girl seemed to warm to that. So I invite commenters to include questions that amount to a "nerd quizz." If having a high IQ, and being fascinated by science and technology make one a nerd, I think I qualify.

Ladies, if you like a nerd, simply invite him over for dinner and start sharing bits of your life with him. If you like what happens, feel free to take things to a higher level. Just keep some condoms by your bedside.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

really?? as if.. that's easy.. i also attracted to a nerdy guy.. but too afraid to be obvious.. hahhaha..