When I see an older man, (I'm 26) the first thing I wonder is how he is in bed. Being sexually experienced it the most intriguing thing to me. The more mature the less "vanilla".
Brevdv Brevdv
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Considering I'm a 58 year old white guy...I'm darn near chocolate. LOL

Interesting, I wonder how many other ladies think the way you do.

And how right you are, I have an ice cream sunday of experience just waiting to share with you

Brevdv,...pretty smile, if you crave variety and creativity in an older man,...heart this reply

I would excite you in ways beyond your ken.

Experience is the key...us "older" men know how to treat a lady... I enjoy the younger ones for the simple way they are in awe over the things we know how to to and make their heads spin. True story!

I think the same kind of things. I often look at my friends and wonder what their sex lives are like. But mainly it's strangers who might look very innocent but you just know that for every few strangers you see, one of them will have a very naughty side to them.

I'll save you the bother, I'm fantanstic in bed.