They Appreciate!!!

There's something about the older man. I've been with men who are old enough to be my father. They appreciate!!! Its not a quickie, its beautifully prolonged and they sure know how to make you feel down right beautiful and s-exy.
JustMe4u JustMe4u
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Men do learn to appreciate more as they age. They learn to enjoy the prolonged touches, the warmth of freely given kisses, the light exploration of another's body as they explore slowly by the inch and the extacy of a prolonged ****** that comes from a relaxed encounter. Thanks

Speaking as an older man, thank you...xXx

i would make sure you knew how beautiful you are and appreciated. i agree with gregs

We do appreciate and savor the moment more than young bucks do. We usually enjoy it when the girl **** as well, so it isn't just "all about me".