I've Experienced A Relationship With A Younger (user)

I'm singing karaoke and I go outside to get some fresh air and my eyes locked on this really cute and in shape 32 year old girl who right from the get go she was really nice to me and seamed genuinely into me. Sometimes slipping and saying I love you. but all this was weird because we weren't having sex at all. in fact she had said I wasn't her type. Well, being the one with tunnel vision I only saw the things that supported my wants. so I would hear, "I love you" but not "I don't want to f*** you" So I started asking about it to try to get a clear signal. What I got was I'm not 100% ready for sex yet. Ah ha she said yet! Well very shortly after that my night came. We were at my place and I left to go to the store, was back in 15min. to low and behold her waiting for me in my bed naked. It was a hot and nasty encounter with her saying," so that's what they mean by having multiples"
After that day she really changed and demanded more from me because she thought I could afford it. I actually tried to satisfy her but couldn't get there.
Well I'm going to cut to the chase here. It turned out she figured one roll in the hay deserves her everything be taken care of by me. As soon as this became apparent to me my eyes opened and I started gathering my things to take back home and found a lot of stuff missing and she doesn't have a clue what happened to them. one day she sent me to the garage to find something of hers and I found bags of my stuff. After hearing all the lies she finally told me they were for her boyfriend who was in jail.
That was the last day I ever heard from her again because I left.
rizdog rizdog
May 7, 2012