"i Really Love Adoreeeeeee Women...i Like Them So Much Even If I Had Relations With Men In The Past"

hello my swwet girls...my angels,
       i read a story previous saying that she loves the feeling of the skin of women....ohhhhh...i really feel the same...so  soft..so nice...like touching an angel!!!!
well,i ve wrote again...i am in a super super dilemma hehehe...hmmmm let me explain...well,i have a relationship with a woman some years older than me...i just came into my 18 age...and my age is still a quite huge problem...she is a teacher,of course she wasnt mine..hehehe...she loves me more than anything else as i do so...we are really so sooooooooo  badly in love with each other...well,she came to my place for staying there for some days...her eyes were screaming her feelings to my heart...she was crying saying...isida,i loooooove u can u feel me?i wanna u... well,as i said,i am 18 and she is alsmost 30.she told me..i really wanna u..really wanna touch u...really wanna u..plz belive me...i said ok..i do!where is the problem then?
     she says,that i am now in my 18 s.she wanna me to be sure before doing something with her...she belives that cuz i am younger,i maybe confused...and cuz she is older she feels that i will maybe let her after sleeping together...
i explain her that i could hardly give my life for her...and she said i am her life..if i let her,she will be in a lot of pain...
i gave her a hug kissed her and promissed her i will never let her alone...so we agreed to  wait 1 more year...to be after my 18...an adult according to the community rules!in order between this time,to be able (me)to show her that i will never regret for our story...she feels responsible for me cuz i am younger,and cuz she met my family...she wanna protect me...she always did cuz she really loves me...i never felt the same with no man and woman as i do with her,,,she is my beloved angel!

     she promissed me,next year,we will be together no matter what!she wanna protect me from her parents...non of our families know about us...so we must be carefull!
ohhhh  so difficult..i have touched her...her lips her skin..oh my  holly goooooooooooosh!!!!i cant refuse anyhting for her...i really die for touching her.....she is so hot and so cute and she knows how to touch me..to behave and to speak to me...i feel like a melting ice cream when i look in her eyes....AND NOT ONLY HER EYES  hhhhhhh!so i really wonder..IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY TO MAKE THE TIME RUNNING AND MAKE HER FEEL SAFE TO SLEEP WITH ME SOON???????!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!?
            sending much love to u all my girls!
                            iSiDaAa!•´ .•¯`•Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. 


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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Isida, <br />
I agree w/ Honey that the age is past the age of consent…. consenting adults, although maybe not mature… It is comforting that she is so concerned with your well-being, but if you are miserable without her, what would it hurt? Are you ready for this intense relationship? It seems you are.<br />
<br />
And Honey, <br />
I'd only had the husband as well….. and once I had a woman…… mmm…. Isida is correct…..there is nothing like touching and being touched by a woman…… nothing. You obviously are intrigued… This is a safe place to explore and see if you, in fact, should look elsewhere~~~<br />
<br />