My Secret

The first time I kissed I girl, was on one of the drunkest night of my life; even so, I will never forget it. Stephanie... Now, it's normal in our culture to acknowledge another woman's beauty, and when I first saw her, I was acknowledgin'. Even on the sober part of the night, there was no denying this: She. Was. Stunning. I was helping my friend get the house ready for her new years party, when she told me that she needed to pick up a friend from work in a few minutes; what my dear friend failed to mention was that her "friend" was a total babe. Stephanie... when we walked up she was seating her last table at the Japanese grill; even at a distance the first thing to notice about her were her eyes, they were a daringly spicy green greatly complimenting the cool teal of her kimono which hugged her curves in all the right places. That pretty face was framed by a veil of long dark brown curly hair that fell past her shoulders and rested on her beautifully well endowed chest.

So you get it. She's hot.

Her lips curled into a sideways smirk as she made her way toward us which officially became her signature move for turning the whole room on.

She introduced herself : "I'm Stephanie," she said, her voice was slightly hoarse, smooth, smokey, and sexy. I introduced myself as well, slightly shyer than my usual self because I was new to the area and barley knew the rest of the group. When we got in the car the three other girls immediately went into almost every fun story under the sun about their childhood together that I was not apart of, making this whole "out of the loop thing" hard to reverse. Stephanie, who was in the back seat with me, chimed in the conversation every now and again but was more preoccupied with the box of take out from her job.

"Do you like sushi?" she eventually asked. I had never tried it before then, before I knew it she leaned in closer to me with a roll of spicy tuna in her fingers. "Try it," she insisted with that same sideways smirk. before I could reach out and grab it, she moved the roll to my lips, her fingers gently brushed them as she fed me. Damn...and the sushi was good too. At that point she redirected the attention of everyone in the car to me. How long have you been here, How do you like it, what do you like to do?
"You are so pretty, isn't she guys?"

Before then i had never had a girl flirt with me, or at least noticed a girl flirting with me, so I brushed it off thinking I imagined it. Even if I DID like girls, a girl like that wouldn't go for me.

The night progressed and we were all drunk, and I became significantly more social than I was before. objects were broken, feelings were hurt, but we still managed to have a good time. When things got too crazy the friend that invited me started to take some of the rowdy ones home, the person she left in charge was left to deal with the two drunkest chicks at the party: me and Stephanie. Hoping we wouldn't break anything else she decided that it would be a good idea to lock us in a room together while she cleaned things up.

The first few minutes were spent with Stephanie noisily protesting being shut in a room with no escape. Her fists violently pounding the door as she spewed out a variety of amusing and rude insults and threats to all who passed up the door. That didnt last long though, once she realized she was in there for good she said, "Well...**** ya'll, I get to hang out with- with- my new friend GLORIA!" with one last kick to the door she stumbled over to join me on the pool table.

Flinging her arm around me she was oblivious to the fact that she spilled her drink on me in the process. "We don't need them," she insisted earnestly brushing my hair out of my face. She leaned in closer offering me a sip of her drink, I took the red cup not breaking eye contact with those enchanting green orbs as I drank. They lit up like she forgot we were in time out, and that damn smirk was back.

"You're pretty too." was the only thing my drunk *** could come up with.

The smirk intensified, she was already so close to me. Her black spaghetti strap shirt was hanging off her shoulder, I could see her lavender bra underneath caressing her full breasts. I was not imagining this, she was getting closer, her arm which was first around me for support was now around my waist and her soft hands were tracing the small of my back. Stunned into submission, I stayed still as she gently leaned in and pressed her lips against mine.

I know there are a lot of girls who do this at bars for attention, but we were alone; no one was watching. Even if we were drunk, this was for us.

When she kissed me it clicked, this woman was not beautiful as simple acknowledgement, I wanted her; this was something I always wanted with a woman, and with that I kissed her back earnestly. More turned on than I've ever been in my life as my hands explored her slender figure.

MY SECRET: This was 4 years ago; and the first and only time anything like this has ever happened to me. Instead of embracing feelings that were never new to me, but always ignored, I have continued to ignore them. I am attracted to other women. By telling you my story today I hope to take a step in having the courage to be who I am.

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1 Response May 9, 2012

wow..good for you that hot girls are attracted to you dont have any problem getting one at advice to you is do what really makes you happy and follow your know you want're just scared as i am but the difference between us is that youre one hot chick..making girls fall for you would be easy as pie..take care..:)

Thanks, I don't share that night with a lot of people so you're love and support means a lot to me. I'm hoping this year I'll have the courage to be honest with myself and others about how I feel, and I hope you see the qualities in yourself that make you beautiful and set you apart from other women :) Once you do that I can guarantee you that someone will notice

aww..thats sweet..i really hope that will happen soon..and dont worry maybe you too one day you will accept your true self and be happy about it..good luck and take care..:)